How Can I Recover My Yahoo Account Without Phone Number?

Yahoo is one of the most reliable email service providers known for its highly secured services and unique features. It’s imperative to those who send and receive emails daily. In such a case, losing access to your Yahoo account can be very detrimental. Forgetting passwords is quite normal, and the best part is Yahoo account recovery is not that difficult.


You can easily reset your Yahoo password and regain access to your Yahoo account using your mobile number and email address. But, if you don’t have access to your recovery mobile number or have not added it to your Yahoo account, don’t worry, as you can reset your password using an alternate email address. Here in this guide, we’ll tell you a quick method that can help you resolve the issue with much ease.


Yahoo Account Recovery Without Phone Number


Here is how you can perform Yahoo Mail Account Recovery without phone number.


1. Go to Yahoo sign-in page to start the Yahoo account recovery process.


2. Enter the email address of your Yahoo account.


3. On the next page, you need to enter the password; if you don’t remember, click on ‘Forgotten Password.’


4. Then, you will find the available recovery options on the next screen, i.e., your alternate email address and mobile number.


5. Click on the email address, and on the next screen, enter the verification code you have received on your email address; enter the code and click on ‘Verify.’


That was all; you can create a new password for your Yahoo account and enter the same twice; click on ‘Continue.’


That’s all about Yahoo account recovery without a phone number. For more Yahoo-related queries, such as how to fix Yahoo not working, how to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails From Yahoo, etc., you can visit our blogs. Hope you find this guide helpful.

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